Sunday, February 1, 2015

Fever Aches and Chills= Easy Week

As you can guess from the title there has not been much to say about easy week.  Very unplanned easy week.  I rode on Sunday the 25th feeling very certain of myself.  Did a 30 minute warm-up while watching the Police live DVD and added in Extra Shot from the spectacular folks at Sufferfest.  Followed that with the usual 30 minutes of core and thought nothing more of it.  A pretty typical Sunday, as the world turns.

Then, we started to get the sense that the tri-kids were not their usual spunky selves and by the time the sun had set, we were in the middle of a full blown snot fest; full of aches pains and general malaise... and all of this accompanied by a low grade fever and chills.  It also became apparent that this was going to include me. I did my best to make it to work on Monday but it was very obvious that I was not going to be an active participant throughout the week and ended up off for Tuesday and Wednesday.  I trundled in to sit in front of my computer screen to get done what was needed for two days and basically phoned it in.

Today, it was time to get back in the saddle and regain some kind of strength. How bad could it be?  Well freakin' impossible... that's how bad.  My glorious return to sufferlandria was the epic - Violator.

This is easily the hardest video out of the lot.  Check this out... over the course of 69 minutes you will do 64 sprints to the point that your legs will no longer respond as your heart has simply exploded and left your steaming carcass still upright only because of the gyroscopic effect created by your spinning legs still cleated to your pedals. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

How Rude!

Not the day for me.
Running angry and frustrated
the music died in the middle
In my mind I'm going to Caro......
the last 3 miles
just me
and my controlled breathing
running around in consummate concentric circles
... dreaming away the bothers.

Mile 6 would not come and then when it arrived, it would not leave
.... how rude!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bless you kind sir!

Back in the pool today after a wonderful 2 days off. 7x300 on the schedule and it felt fine... actually better than fine. It felt divine.  The water was flowing over me as I cut through on the first few sets and really felt like I had something going on.  The last few, as always, we a bit of a stretch, but I did 'em.  The guy in the lane beside me offered a suggestion after watching me turn off the wall and suggested that i keep my arm up and out instead of going back through the water.  Creates a bit less resistance (which is always good) and might add up to a second or two throughout the 300m... bless you kind sir.... bless you.

Monday, January 19, 2015

2K or 2000m or 80 laps... you choose

Today was a 2K or 2000m or 80 lap TT.  To be honest it was not as much of a TT as a get int eh damn pool and swim 80 lengths and see if I can still hold 1:40 min/100m.  The answer to the question is ..... yep.

This was my 7th day in a row... no wonder I feel tired.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ski Weekend

The weather has broken and we have made our way out to Beaudry again and had the time of our lives.  The kids are getting better and better with every day and they are beginning to enjoy the sport.... that said, it take a miracle to get us all out of the house.

Sat was just a little fun with Tri-Gal takin' off with Tri-girl and and Tri-Boy and I bringing up the rear.  And how do we evaluate a good ski day..... no one fell.... more than once.

At the top of mount Crumpit.

Action Jackson.

All alone in the Basswood.

Apres Ski!

We made our way out Sunday morning with High School Yodeller and took to the trails sans kiddies. It was good to go your own pace, but on the other hand, no rest for the wicked other than texting now and then that you were alive and your location. 

Friday, January 16, 2015

Round and Round

I'm feeling a little RaTT tonight.

Round and Round... love will find a way just give it time.

Why the throwback?

I did 7 miles at the track at the Centennial.  That = 84 laps.  12 per mile.  I just chunked them up and all I can say is that I was saved by tri-boy's iPod shuffle.

Took this video of my journey in time lapse .  Enjoy!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Nothing Fancy

too much going on makes it very hard to keep up with the blog, so if you will permit me, I will update several days at once.

This week had been busy and I know that with all of this activity, I can eat just about anything and not gain an ounce.  I am sensing a full rack of ribs in my future.... yummy!

Let's see..  we started with a really intense swim on Tuesday.  I was have moved forward with my sprint set and added two more reps to round out the distance to 2100m.  I was feeling really go on this one and it helped that there was some doofus in the other lane taking me on.  Literally, he was sitting at the end waiting for me then he would attack off the wall and try to stay with me for 50 and then he was done for about 3:00 minutes and then he would attack again..... fun.  I have no doubt that his helped me keep it real as I managed a 1:35/ 100m avg.  Call me the flash.

Then it was off to Beaudry for a family ski on Wednesday.  The thing is, that by the time we got home and loaded the kiddies up with the skis and then we had to stop for a park pass.... I have to be honest it was fairly dark by the time we pulled the skis out of the van and started around the Wild Grape Loop.  Tri-Girl and Kid of Steel one headed out as I wrestled with tri-boy's bindings as they were caked with snow and would not quite catch.  With our eyes as dilated as pre-teen crushing on One Direction, we headed out and had a great time in the silence and the snow.  It honestly did not seem that bad until we got back to the parking lot and the big light made us realize that it was indeed pitch black and we were out way past our bed time.

Nothing fancy, just a great time with the family.

And today it was back to the pool.  Only 1500m on the docket.  I have at least 10K to run tomorrow after work, so no real need to push myself today.  That said, it felt good and the times were comparable to my Tuesday work out and fall into that fast-ish category for me.  Colour me happy.