Thursday, January 15, 2015

Nothing Fancy

too much going on makes it very hard to keep up with the blog, so if you will permit me, I will update several days at once.

This week had been busy and I know that with all of this activity, I can eat just about anything and not gain an ounce.  I am sensing a full rack of ribs in my future.... yummy!

Let's see..  we started with a really intense swim on Tuesday.  I was have moved forward with my sprint set and added two more reps to round out the distance to 2100m.  I was feeling really go on this one and it helped that there was some doofus in the other lane taking me on.  Literally, he was sitting at the end waiting for me then he would attack off the wall and try to stay with me for 50 and then he was done for about 3:00 minutes and then he would attack again..... fun.  I have no doubt that his helped me keep it real as I managed a 1:35/ 100m avg.  Call me the flash.

Then it was off to Beaudry for a family ski on Wednesday.  The thing is, that by the time we got home and loaded the kiddies up with the skis and then we had to stop for a park pass.... I have to be honest it was fairly dark by the time we pulled the skis out of the van and started around the Wild Grape Loop.  Tri-Girl and Kid of Steel one headed out as I wrestled with tri-boy's bindings as they were caked with snow and would not quite catch.  With our eyes as dilated as pre-teen crushing on One Direction, we headed out and had a great time in the silence and the snow.  It honestly did not seem that bad until we got back to the parking lot and the big light made us realize that it was indeed pitch black and we were out way past our bed time.

Nothing fancy, just a great time with the family.

And today it was back to the pool.  Only 1500m on the docket.  I have at least 10K to run tomorrow after work, so no real need to push myself today.  That said, it felt good and the times were comparable to my Tuesday work out and fall into that fast-ish category for me.  Colour me happy.

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