Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Just Right

made my way to the Centennial Pool this morning at the fantastic hour of 6:15AM.  You's think that at that time you would be guaranteed a lane or a spot to yourself.... but no.  Wow that place was still hoppin'.  I managed to squeeze into the open area to the left of the regular lanes.

the rant:

My thoughts are that the actual lanes should be for people who are swimming serious laps.  But today... the lanes were for the infirm and the manatees.  Sure they are fast for an 85 year old, but that but me in with the rest of the geriatric population and they all kept looking at me as I lapped them over and over.......

I know.... 1st world problems.

The set was the same with 5x300 on  1 minute.  Nothing special.  Man I was out of it.  I really was having a hard time keeping track of the # of laps.  Crazy.  So all in I did 60 laps in the 30 minutes which gives you the 1500m. ... but damded if I could count to 12 or even 6.  Sigh.

Not too fast, not too slow...... just right.

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