Monday, September 29, 2014

So, its been a while... so what.

Hey what are you going to do, life gets in the way and bloging takes a seat at the rear with the rest of your life as you take on the good fight and do what you have to do make it back to "normal."  For me June was a reset button and a chance to rewind and go back to 2001 where I could only run one telephone pole and walk one pole.  I have worked hard over the summer to regain my standing and after quite some time, I can honestly say that I am on my way and feeling some-what better.

Where's that you say?

Well I am back to swimming two days a week and although I have not timed it, I am swimming 5X300m on 1 minute rest as a main set and I am happy with the result, although I am gasping by the end of the 5th set...... ah... who the hell am I kidding, I am gasping after the first 50m.

I am running 2-3 times a week with a smallish route of 5k and hitting a 9K route out at the cottage on the weekends and I have taken some time to bike with tri-girl and also solo to get in some road K's so that I am not working the same muscles all the time.

Here's some Garmin data for those of you that like that stuff and a few pics.

This was a fun ride with Tri-Girl in the odd heat of the fall.  It was the first time I have worn a racing singlet this year.

This is a fast tempo effort over 20K.

Long run - well... long run for me these days.  Kinds schweaty......

Got out today for a 5k and I am fairly proud of my negative splits.

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