Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ketchup Blur

I am a little behind....  that sort of running to stand still kind of life.... to the point that I can honestly say that I do not know if I am coming or going.  I can tell you that my mind is definitely the one going in this journey.   Sometimes you just have to make time for yourself in a world that is designed to do the opposite... some times you got to cry without weeping, talk without speaking and scream without raising your voice.... and there you have triathlon in a nutshell.  My legs.. if they could talk... which they cannot, but if they could..... scream they would.

So it is Optimist Band festival this week and I ended out on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday until midnight.  I came in to it all feeling like I was running on dollar store batteries but I know that if I stick with it.... I'll be good.

Last Saturday:

almost 1500 calories and 41k - if you view the details you can see the set broken down into 3 main sections.... section 1 - Cautious Optimism - Section 2 - Left and right foot falls and section 3 - drooling dumbfounded determination....(see what I did there with the wicked use of alliteration.... wink, wink.... nudge, nudge... say no more.. say NO MORE!)

then after the bike I had some strange desire to run out a fast 1 miler and managed a time of about 7:43. Now.. about... well... you see at the Pan Am - 1 mile is about 5.75 laps and my time for 6 laps was 7:43... so about 7:30 maybe.  I was happy, but that was it.. I was cooked.

After that I faked my way through core and some band work.   I took a selfie and this is what I looked like....

Then without any though I was back at Pan am and the week had gone by quicker than a 6 on prom night.

Saturday Part II - Re-Dux

Here it was obvious that I was going through the motions, but all I did was to make sure that I kept it in between the navigational arrows... somewhere between Dead End and No Parking.

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