Sunday, February 3, 2013

Throw... not so much as jump.

Well.... Friday's swim was quite the wake up. WOW!!!!!

I am not one to wade into much, so I throw.. not so much as jump into the water.... it's really just a matter of perspective.  Well...  much to my surprise  it was particularly unfriendly.  Alas, what's a boy to do?  Onward and upwards.  A good solid set, nevertheless, with all 11's and I was pleased.

On to Saturday....

With the -42˚C outside it was not big surprise that the #'s were down at workout.  We all had a bit of a time getting in so the workout was fairly jovial.  WE had a hard push, but ended early to try to get to the track before the Syncro meet closed us out, but with an extra set on the end, we only managed 15 minutes before the deck-hands showed up and politely closed the track for the 6 people that were there early.... sigh.  Form the track into a good circuit work out with Tri-Girl and I owning the ladder of justice... I am so old skool that I can remember when it actually was a ladder... thank god for shin pads.   Rounded out the end with some core and we were done.

On a side note, we are renovating the basement and when I got home from all that above, we dove into 5 ours of pushing, pulling, dragging and the like to prep the basement for taping an mud today..... I ache in ways that only Advil can help....either that or tequila.

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