Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What have I done?

Got to be the coolest experience ever.. I was the only one who showed up to Tribe on Monday night.  So there I was.... hell the coach was not even the regular coach... Micke was a the cottage, so Jeff was standing in.

So there I was all alone given' 'er in the set. With some serious one on one coaching I was in the ZONE.

Don't you worry about me... I am used to being all be myself on the bike.  Here I am last year in Oliver at the beginning of June.

Speaking of June....

Well there you go.... this blog is about to get a heck of a lot more interesting as I have three months or 12 weeks until my 4th 1/2 iron....

Check out their site... I am a fan.

Here is the course - it looks like a corker... nice and hilly.

Long Course

Our Long Course (1.2mi Swim, 56mi Bike, 13.1mi Run) will start from the sandy beaches of Lake Rebecca.

Swim: Wetsuits will be allowed per USAT rules and regulations. Participants will swim in a counter-clockwise direction around a triangular swim course keeping all buoys on their left. The swim exit will provide competitors with excellent sightlines and with the tall trees in the background, little to no glare coming into the transition area. Buoys will mark the course and there will be a lead kayak as well as boat and lifeguard support along the way. All participants we'll receive an official Liberty Triathlon swim cap which must be worn during the swim portion of the event. Participants will exit the water and traverse a short grassy stretch to the transition area where they mount their bikes.

Bike: The Long course bike is a challenging and somewhat technical 56mi ride. All bikers must have an ANSI approved helmet to participate and obey Minnesota State Laws. Bikers without helmets will not be allowed on the course. This is a USAT non-draft legal event and race marshals will be patrolling the entire course. Outside assistance is not permitted. A sag wagon will be on the course to transport participants back to transition, but will not be able to offer mechanical assistance. Please come prepared with your own spare tubes and tools. 3 bottle exchange stations will be located along the course at approx. mi 18, 30 and 44. Water and HEED replenishment drink will be available at all bike aid stations courtesy of Hammer Nutrition. There will be an enforced bike time cut off of 12:30 pm. Participants not in the bike to run transition area by 12:30 pm will not be permitted out onto the run course.

Run: The race concludes with a 13.1mi run, mostly paved, out and back trail run. Aid will be available approx. every mile along the run course and will be supplied with Water, Heed replenishment drink, Cola, Hammer Gel, Carbohydrates and Endurolytes.


My plan

.... get through this week and then Sunday we start.

Time to stop playing and to get serious about the training and the outcome.

See you Sunday.

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