Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Back in the Saddle

So although I have not been to active in the blogosphere for the last bit, I have been physically active.  For whatever reason, I just have not felt compelled to write it down.   I miss the blog and the idea of having an outlet to keep track of the activities I have done so I don't feel so guilty if I take a day or two off.  I know I am more active than a vast majority of the population, but that still does not mean that I don't feel guilty when I take a break.
My plan is to keep going and training for the Triathlon season and to be as healthy as I can so that I am ready for anything life has to throw at me over the next year.

Monday or Tuesday will be a swim - 30 minutes of Front crawl minimum.
Wednesday - Tribe workout at Pan am.  1:15 Bike and 15 minutes core
Thursday or Friday - hit a tready and get in a minimum of 5K.  about 23-30 minutes
Saturday - Tribe Workout. 2h bike, 10-15 minute run, 20 minute core
Sunday - swim with the family - 30 minutes of front  crawl minimum.

That means I will be committing to about 5 hours a week.  Not too shabby.

So..... I hit the pool on Tuesday with the Tri-boy in tow and he an I shared a lane and had an excellent time.  It was a wee bit chilly and that always makes for  an interesting trip to the pool.

Tonight was all about man and woman verses the cold.

Still managed to have a great workout.

Stay warm.... wherever you are.

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