Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sick and not the Twisted kind

Whether it is the stress and nervousness of the impending concert or sheer bum luck, I have landed myself with a real doozy of a cold.  Were talking the whole Niquil list.

The run on Friday was all packed and ready to go... in fact the bag is still at the door in anticipation with a new Genius mix loaded on the iPod in preparation for hamster hell.  But in the dying minutes before leaving for work, it was decided that running on a treadmill whilst trying to clear the upper part of your body of snot was not that desirable or maybe even possible.  The run was ditched.  Good thing too, as during my first class of the day I had to sit down and the walls started to close in giving we just a few seconds to find sure seating before I passed out in front of 60 kiddies.  That'll give them something to remember.

So on to this morning. I had spent the better part of the evening coughing in crescendos that would eventually end in the agonizing feeling that my lungs were going to be forceable expelled from my body.  By 4 a.m. I had enough... and I am sure that Tr-Girl was no coping well either and would welcome the break of my departure.

After fumbling for my phone to use a mellow flashlight, I made my way to the chest d'medecin , grabbed the knockout-juice and headed for the kitchen.  One gulp later I was at the computer watching footage of the "Hamster's" crash on Top Gear (damn lucky to be alive) and at 5 I wandered off back to bed exhausted and ready for the next round of sleepy-time.

I awoke at 8ish to the sounds of tri-girl getting everything together for the workout at Pan-Am.  Nope.  Not me.  Not going to happen.  So here I sit catching up my one reader with the details of my training season.  Wish me luck as I need this cold gone by Monday.

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