Sunday, March 3, 2013

And Here We Go

I mean I knew today was going to hurt.  All week it ate at the back of my mind.  But in some sadomashochistic way, I was looking forward to the pain, as I knew it would jump start my body into reminding its-self that it can and will do my bidding - insert maniacal laugh of your own here or simply press play - your call.

Either way.... I feel some comfort in the suffering that I am going to go through... call me twisted, but I know that on the other end of it all I will be better for it.

So with that in mind, I dragged my ass out of the house and hit the road.  My goal was to find some pavement [95 % or more]  and lay down a decent time.   Basically, I am one of those guys that will then use this time to keep myself going.  You know when it hurts and you feel like you cannot do any more and you feel like stopping or slowing up, you remind yourself that you didn't stop on your first effort and you have never stopped to date and you are not going to stop... understand?.... then you put your left foot forward and then you right and..... well you get the picture.

Today.. well let's just say that I am very happy and I really had to push to keep myself on the respectable side for the last 2 miles....but I did it.... it was not pretty, but I did it.

So I feel pretty happy starting the serious side with a pretty serious time.... well for me... and, after-all, it is I who will be out there on the swim, bike and the run.

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