Saturday, March 8, 2014

Birthday take over Saturday

Tri-girl is off to New York tomorrow morning at 3:00 a.m. and this morning was dedicated to opening presents and enjoying the fun that comes from wrapping paper strewn about the front-room by a 13 year old.  We have this fear, though like all parents that 13 brings about certain changes.

I have a teenager.... where did the time go?

With all the fun out of the way and Tri-boy getting whisked off to a birthday party at Skyzone and Tri-Teen going ot the mll to celebrate with the girls before the inevitable giggle-fest/ sleepover, Tri-girl and I were able to squeeze in a 2 hour set on the bike.

We managed to get the bikes set up and a few bottles of gatorade mixed with a GU at the ready.  Now how to pas the time in basement.... movie time.   I enjoyed watching something ridiculous the other day, so why not round 2.  Today we needed something with a thin plot, buckets of action and explosions.  We don't need something with character names you have to remember or, for that matter, characters should be irrelevant.  Just speed, explosions and fast paced action.  When you put all of that together you can only come to one conclusion.... any movie produced by Simpson and Bruckheimer.  I picked the Rock with Nic Cage and  Sean Connery.  We got exactly what we bargained for.  Explosions and gunfire for 2:15.  You did not even have to pay attention to any of it.  The movie was just action after action... love it.

And what better to go with all that action.... some hill climbs in preparation for training camp.... because we all know that is all we are going to do out there..... climb.

Here's the data:  Check out the 4 big hill climbs.... nice.... but nothing like the real thing.

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