Saturday, March 1, 2014

The picture says it all

This is how my March started.  7:00 in the morning and it is 50 below.  YIKES... even for me.  That did not stop me from having coffee in my hot tub outside and enjoying the sun as it began its journey across the sky.  No clouds, just sun.

We loaded up the bikes and what not and made our way to PanAm.  Yet anther swim meet meant that we would not be running.... at least around the track.

Even with pre-warming the van, it was a chilly ride, but at the very least the weather has kept a big chunk of the motorists in-doors and we had a pretty clean ride to the workout. The hardest part is lugging all your gear from the van to the Pan-Am.  The wind is whipping at your face and you just want it all to stop, but once you are inside, it's really all the same.

The workout today was a typical week three workout.... achy. HR recovery[161/101 = 60] in to some sprint work and then longer efforts of 3 minutes.  When we hit the hour mark, I was starting to see sparkles... a good indication that you are pushing yourself and that the tiny bagel and jam that you had for breakfast was not going to cut it.... GU to the rescue.  At about that point someone had propped open the door to cool down and with in 5 minutes, we could almost see our breath.  So with the door closed we worked on some transitions stuff.  Starting across the room in our shoes and then running to the bike and transitioning from the run to the bike.  These were fun and a great way to break up the monotony of pain.  We ended with 2x10 minute straight tempo efforts and spun the legs.  We had joked about running outside to our bikes naked, but we decided that someone would end up sticking a nipple to the door and then be stuck there until spring or the inevitable naked snow angel.

Here's the data.....

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