Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Its all about the race

Never mind that I was up early and moving about at the crack of dawn, gently prodding the kiddies in their sleepy stupor.  Never mind that I remain positive in the face of their subtle denials and disagreements and never mind that even with my own wants to return to my comfy cocoon I forge on and pack their kit for the pool...... it's not about that.... it's about the race.

With the weather turning and the days coming earlier,  we begin to feel, ever so slightly, that there is a day of possibility ahead of us.  I mean when it is dark when you get up and dark when you come home and you arrive back in your bed and wonder if Ra every really got around to turning on the lights; its hard to see that there lies ahead a day of possibility.  Now with the sun in its proper place, we can again consider the idea a that each day contains a kernel of possibility and accomplishment lies just around the corner.

What better way to feel like you have achieve some daily token of immortality then by having a wee bit of a race.  So.... it begins with convincing both tri-kids at 6:00 a.m. that it is in their best interest to  eat breaky a bit quicker so that we can make our way to the pool.  Once that is done an the drama of packing for the quick change is done, we can then focus on the departure.

Out into the day with a sleepy sun making its way across the sky, we trundle off to the "Y" with heated seats and bags in tow.  No big fanfare really Musorsky, just the cool realization that with all this snow still on the ground, we are going for a swim.  Surprisingly enough it is the girl who is in the pool before us as the boy and I greet her with scepticism and surprise.

The next 30 minutes is really about my warm-up and their taunting.  I swim serious laps and they take a lane and engage in a series of dives and spins that seem to have no real purpose.  I let them know the approximate time I will be done on the timing clock and they eagerly splash me s I turnaround each time. Then, clinging to the pools edge - gasping form a hard effort, we begin.

We each take a lane, as it seems we own the place and the two life guards have been placed here for our pleasure.  I call over the boy and advise him not to be intimidated by the lanky girl in lane 2.  She may be all arms and legs, but you have a killer kick turn and some real speed.... spend more time thinking about your stroke and less time watching her and you will have a chance.

And with a 5 second head start we race.   Lanky takes first and the boy and I tie for 2nd.

Now that's bragging rights and it's not even 7 yet.... great way to start the day.

It truly is all about the race.

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