Thursday, April 17, 2014

BUSY busy b... u...s....y

Sunday was a great testament to my stupidity and also a reality check for me.  The plan for this weekend is to avoid excess and focus on hydration.  Not that I think my time will be stellar - say around 60:00 for the 10K if it is icy and ?  if it is not.  But, I am sure I can control how I feel about it while I am doing it.

Yesterday, after a seemingly endless week of concert performance and prep, I managed to surface and get into the pool for a morning swim with the family.  The swim went off without a hitch and I felt good.  The highlite is always the family race.  Tri-boy starts at GO and then Tri-girl at 6 "Steamboats"  then Tri gal at 7 and me at 9.  We race about 38M with the messed up length on the "Y."  1,2,3 were all very close.  I took 3rd.  Yeah baybeee... on the podium.

Don't cry, Michael.......  I'm at least on the poduim.

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