Sunday, April 20, 2014

Pure 10K

Felt like I was never going to stop going to the bathroom last night, but I did drink a lot of water in preparation for today's 10K.  I was bound and determined to keep myself fuelled and hydrated with a goal of feeling on hell of a lot better that last week.

The weather today was simply spectacular and it definitely had a drastic effect on the the way I felt about the race.  It was kind of odd, though that they required you to have a new bib # and a new chip for this race.  In a time where we are all so super conscious about recycling, it just seemed so odd to throw away your old chip and bib and get a new envelope with another map and another list of the race series for the season.

About 10 minutes out, I had still not seen the girl from Woodhaven and tri-girl ad I decided to head for the start line.  We did some basic stretches and chatted with one of the Bison running team members who I would later see out on the course about 4th place in the 5k.

Ran into Woodhaven at the start line and she looked ready to go and without much ceremony we were off.

The course was bare and wet and definitely made you feel like you had a lot more confidence on the route, unlike last week.  I had a GU at about 45 minutes out and then another at the 5K mark, which also made me fel pretty decent.  I think for the 15K I will also do the same.

I felt good throughout, but nothing spectacular and no great surprise, my pace slowed a bit on lap #2. I will have to keep an eye on it for next week.

All in all, I was happy to get out and it is just one step close to being as fit as I can coming into June.

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