Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Catch up

Ok.  I fucked up... I just fucked up.  I know better, but I still go out and try to push myself and in the end I end up pushing too hard and hurt myself.  I am simply not a good patient.  I wait a bit, but it never seems to be enough.

So after pulling my calf on the 4th, I knew I needed some time off and I gave myself a week and then tried it out on the 11th and I was not really pushing myself as much as I was just trying to see where I was at and sure as shit, I hit the 5K mark and felt it go.  Son of a.......

Now I hobble....

We spent the time over thanksgiving finishing up a few projects around the cottage which, if I was wearing my HR monitor, I would have been surprised at all of the calories I have burnt.  

We went for several long walks and a few close to epic bike rides on the mountain bikes, but nothing of real note.

Back in the city now for the winter and my calf says that swimming is fine and biking is okay.

Hit the centennial this morning and felt really great about my times.

I was lucky to get a 30 minute apt with Chris over at Ness physio who managed to make me grit my teeth in agony in that short of time as he attempted to pry my congealed calf apart.  Good luck man... good luck.

 I even had the chance to get out into the +20˚C weather, albeit windy, and take my bike for possibly the last jaunt of the year.

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