Monday, October 6, 2014

If it t'was me, I would have openly wept

I ran into Dwayne this morning at the pool.  He had the bitter misfortune of making his way last week all the way down to Lake Tahoe for the Ironman only to be informed as he was in the water in his wetsuit, along with 2000 other competitors, that the race had been cancelled.  Due to the particulate matter in the air from a local forrest fire, the state officials along with race directors decided to cancel the race.  All that training and travel.  Think of the people from Germany that flew in to do the race...... thousands of $$ down the drain.  The domino effect from that decision would be unfathomable.  He mentioned that as he entered into T2 to get all of his kit and they just had the finishers medals, caps and shirts in a box - help yourself.  Wow, my hear goes out to him.

Above - Richard Lopez, Ironman hopeful,  reacts to the announcement.

Read about it here - Lake Tahoe Cancelled or Lake Tahoe announcement.

Here is the video of the announcer telling the participants that the race has been cancelled.

Me, well it was back at the Centennial  for my usual routine as of late.

5x300 with a 1 minute rest in-between.  I worked real hard today to get as much out of the set as I could and to also be as consistant as possible.  I will be honest with you and admit that I pushing myself hard enough that I was gasping at the end of each.

I was impresed with my times today... they are not fast, but on their way:  5:00, 5:01, 4:57, 5:02 and 5:05.  Not bad... not bad at all.

200m easy breast to cool down.

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