Monday, October 20, 2014

Nothing more than a pipe-dream.

Well, since I cannot run for a while (6 weeks), I might as well make sure I am getting in the occasional bike while the weather is fair.  Juts a beautiful sunny fall day in Manitoba and all the while I was at work, I was longingly looking out the window in hopes of getting on my bike and I was certain that riding today was nothing more than a pipe dream.

Yet as I wrapped up another fine day the sun continued to shine and goad me on as I made my way through the epic 7K commute home. And, as I walked in the door wondering if it might be okay if I delayed dinner to take the Giant out for a spin, I was greeted by a run festooned Tri-girl who was already two paces ahead... as usual.

I was was pretty happy with my ride and was pleased that there was not much wind and that the geese and the sun stayed out to urge me on the whole way.

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