Friday, October 24, 2014

First World Problems

After Monday it was back int he pool on Tuesday morning and then again on Friday.  Tueday morning I met up with IronMike and managed to get in a few laps together.  The pool was unusually busy and i had to make my way politely into the mass open area besides the two lanes that had been put in.  If they had put in the other lans 6 people could easily have been swimming, but no there were four people in there and they made it look cramped with their lack of coordination.  Needless to say, the lady swimming closest to me was seemingly quite put out by my request to slide over a tad to make way for little old me.  First world problems.

Then this morning, I met up with tri-girl and settled into a routine quite quickly.  It was busier than anticipated an I had to join in with some other fellows  and they were great, although not that fast, so I ended up having to just keep swiming, so instead of the usual 5x300m sprints, I maintained a solid tempo effort over the 31:00 I swam.  Quite proud of that actually.

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