Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Downward Spiral

It's Wednesday and I am $1700 poorer.... (but then again myt baby's got snow tires)...  why not continue with the metaphorical Downward Spiral?

Pain glorious pain.
     2:00/ 2:00
       1:45/ 1:45
         1:30/ 1:30
           1:15/ 1:15
             1:00/ 1:00
                :45/ :45


When you are on you are 9/10 effort and when you are not, you are 3/10

Barf and easy... I see why they say to have a bucket ready.... I really do.

A note about my data - the armin cadance sensor was dying so some a bit ridiculous at end - no max speed of 112KMPH I am afraid, but the 51KMPH on the first :15 Vo2Max was legit.

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