Wednesday, November 5, 2014


It's not like I have been slacking.  I went to the pool on Friday the 31st (all hallow's eve) and it was closed due to a fouling - aka kid barffed in the pool, so they gave me a coupon for my inconvenience, but I took that as a sign as my massage that was scheduled for 10:00 AM that morning was also cancelled as my dominatrix - wrong word as he is a guy, called in sick so I had to reschedule.

After the dust of Halloween settled I headed into home owner-ship-ness for the weekend and tried to get caught up with all the things I have neglected throughout the summer.  Let's see:  raked leaves, drained all the gas out of the lawnmower, cleaned out the garage and organized all my tools, put the carb back together on my snowblower as the gasket that connects the carb to the intake manifold mysteriously vanished along with the bolts, cleaned out all the duct work and replaced about 3ft. of venting for the dryer, scrubbed the furnace intake vent (blocked) and installed a new sink stopper system and drain in the ensuite, cleaned out and scrubbed clean all the bathroom drains back to the main and installed a new ceiling fan in the down-stairs bathroom.  Whew.

Somewhere in there I even made an appearance at Central Canada Comicon for 5 hours with my kiddies.

So Monday was a R and R day and I was back in the pool Tuesday and met up with Iron Mike.  He was busting out 10 X100 and looked solid and steady.  I was back at the usual and did my 1500 with a cool down of the easiest 200 breast you've ever seen.  I got out of the pool and , as per usual, the shower would not take.  I was still sweating as class started at 8:30..... sigh.

Today... well it is official, we are now riding for SUFFERLANDRIA.  Tri-girl and I began session one of our Wednesday night workouts with "Angels" by Sufferfest.  This video lived up to its name and had us both gasping for air.  The best part... we did not have to rush home to load up our gear to head out to Tribe and as soon as we were done, we did not have to load up our gear and could hit the shower immediately.  The down side...... none of JS's brilliant innuendo..... miss you big guy.  On a side note, I tried my first sit-up in 5 months and was unable to complete even 1.  I did three sets of 10 of pulling my knees up to my chin and that just about killed me.  Slow and steady road to recovery..... at least that's what they tell me.

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