Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Howling ( '15 and not '81)

So Friday I found myself back on the table like the slab of meat that I am, and there (as always) was Chris at Ness Physio pulling apart my calves and hammies with his thumbs.  It never seems to be anything less than bearable, but for the most part it is controlled agony.  Lots of fluids and stretching when I got home meant that the stairs to the basement were almost pleasant.

Saturday we tackled the dumping ground in the basement known as the storage room.  Each year we go through this process and if we have not touched it in 2 years it finds a new home.  This year that included a huge old school media cabinet that I built 13 years ago and our old 5.1 channel surround system. There is also the reorganizing of totes and the like.

Nothing like warming up to old 80's videos - this is Phil Collins' - Sssss-sudio with to of his biggest fans....... ha.... ha......... heh... he.

But Sunday it was time to ride for the honour of SUFFERLANDRIA in the tour d'suisse.  Tri-girl and I tackled "The HUNTED"

What a work out - a truly epic event.  We are loving these videos and we are loving no having to haul all our crap anywhere.  With the onset of snow today, it was totally wicked to just have to go downstairs and do what needed to get done.  We loved how the video "howled" as the pack tried to chase us down...  fun.  All in we did a 30 minute warm-up with some builds and then into the video and ended with about 15 minutes of core.

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