Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Shut Up, Legs!

There is not try.

What a great title for a Sufferfest video.  This was the one that got Tri-Girl.... BOOOM!!!!!!!!  Just a real tough series of intervals that rely on you getting faster with each push with a load of high cadance.... combined with a 30 minute warm-up it truly is enough to make you question your sanity..........   Shut Up, Legs!

I am still without my GSC10.  Not worth the effort to send it out to Montreal to get it fixed.  So, after some research I found it at MEC for $50.  with free shipping. Done.  It should be here before the weekend and I will be back with some accurate data.  In the meantime, never fear I am still suffering and I would not doubt that I might even be suffering more.

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