Sunday, November 30, 2014

Like I would Actually be in There

Nice sleep in and a coffee in the hot tub to warm-up the legs before the inevitable workout.  Today - The Wretched.

Not for the faint of heart.... well that might be a bit hyperbolic, as you are ultimately in control of how hard you work, but for those of us that are truly motivated to use this indoor season to rehabilitate and return to the summer race ready... well there is nothing hyperbolic about it at all.  I am left absolutely gasping during some of these sets and I am pushing with all I have.  Sweating profusely while keeping hydrated I am doing everything I can to climb with the best of them....  giving it to Contador and Evans... like I would actually be in there with them on these epic races and climbs.... but it is fun to dream.

MEC says my GSC10 should be here this week and I will be back with more useable data, but in the meantime the above will have to suffice.  I am very curious how it all turns out when I get it all hooked up.  I might even guess that I might be working harder without my speed.... who knows.

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