Sunday, December 21, 2014

Generous Amounts of Chamois Creme

After a quiet week of exercise and I long week at work, Tri-girl and I descended back to the scene of the crime (quite apropos seeing that these Sufferfest videos are downright criminal).  Today we would throw caution to the wind and apply generous amounts of Chamois Creme and lube it up for Sufferlandria's official fitness examination - Rubber Glove.

The aptly named Rubber Glove is a series of warm up type efforts getting you ready for a 20 minute TT whose results will guide you in your gear choices and speed for the video series.  When you are done, you will have some data to drive your workouts.... i.e. avg speed and avg HR for the 20 minutes of suffering.  However, what I truly enjoyed, is that it really gave me some pacing for the TT and brought me to one of the fastest TT's in 5 years.  Now that's money well spent.  Whether it is the videos and training I have done up to this point or where I am at on this particular day - who knows?  But what I do know is that I am about 10 videos into the 20 and besides the heart pounding and sweat that characterize each video, I am maybe seeing my first real results from all this hard work.

Sadly, I am also aware that in increasing my TT pacing, I have shot myself in the foot, as all of my efforts for the remaining videos will be all the harder.  I was riding at my last TT pace for all of the first videos and holding 23KMPH for an effort of 7.  Now, due to my increased TT AVG Speed, I am going to have to hold 25KMPH for an effort of 7. .... well 25.6KMPH to be exact.

If you open my data and go to the splits, you will see the completed TT and how that all played out.

Tri-Girl and I also did a 35 minute warm up to get ready for the TT.

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