Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Just to fuck with you

What can I say that has not ben said already.... get a bucket, I think I threw up in my mouth a little... seriously. 

I did a 30 some odd minute warm up (see lap splits) and then into Revolver.  This video is the epitome of suffer.  After what seems to be a very brief warm up (actually 7:30) you turn the corner to stare down the barrel of 15 on minute sprint sets 9/10 effort at 100CAD with an easily evaporated 1:00 rest.  A I said to Tri-Girl, after the first three you really start to wonder if you can hold that effort for another 12 sets and you start to second guess you gear choice.  You tell yourself just one more and then I will re-evaluate and then you find yourself sticking to it for one more and then one more and then.... well, you tell yourself, there is only three more.... you can do it... and..... you do.  BUT... then just to fuck with you, they throw in one more just to see what you are made of.... well... I am made of sweat and whatever that other gunk is that I coughed up at the end.

Oh, a special thank you to the people at MEC for my GSC10 that arrived yesterday.  It is nice to have data. I like data.

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