Saturday, February 8, 2014

Keeping up appearances

Not much fro religion  but, Quran, Chapter 13:11: "Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves."  Let's start with that...

I may have (may still be - will know more on  Monday) been sick, but there really is no good that can come from laying about the house.   With that in mind, I made my way in the sun down to the Pan-Am to join my fellow triathletes in a workout.   Yes it was cold and yes I was completely unsure about my ability to go the distance, but you do never really know until you try.  Hell... I could have lasted 5 minutes, but it was still worth it in my mind to find out.

My plan was to do the HR recovery set and see what it had to say.  So I managed to get my HR up to 163 and down to 106 in 90 sec.  That gives me a HR recover number of 57.  This is actually pretty close to my norm, so I must be on my way down the "getting better" road.  

From there I did not intend to tackle the rest of the scheduled workout, but instead just spin the legs and keep the HR working to maintain my aerobic capacity.   With training camp 6 weeks away, it is important that I keep my heath a priority and not push myself  backwards by being silly.  Keep it realistic.

In the end I spun my legs and maintained an easy pace as to make sure I was there for the long haul.  Drank 1 bottle of liquid per hour and went for the slow and steady approcach.  At the end of 1 hour I put in a 15 minute 80% HR set to test the waters and then wet back to nice and average.

When the dust had settled and the rest of the team had dismounted and moved on to core, I was wrapping up a tidy 2 hours on the bike which, as you might, imagine put a smile on my face... pretty proud of myself to be honest.

Here's the Garmin data.

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