Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dr. House says, "It's not Lupis."

Last week, in the middle of the week, I started to feel like someone had replaced my extra long life Duracells with some dollar store no-name brand.  I just did not seem to have the same level of enthusiasm for my day that I usually do and towards the end of the week, it was all I could do to speak without coughing.

I went to work on Monday and that was it - I was fried. I was coughing so hard that I was dreading the next one.  It literally felt like someone was ripping me apart internally right where my lungs join which, thanks to Google, I found out is called the Carina of the Trachea.  Look at that my blog has made you smarter - yet again!  Nothing like coughing up a lung....

I had to know... was it Lupis?  Dr. Gregory House.... he's in the know as he does have the coolest first name ever.

After some deliberation with his team, he said....

Phew.. that's a relief.

So after Monday's schmozzle...  I need to see the Dr.... a real Dr. not the internet Dr.

I phoned my regular guy and since he is rolling back the hours as he is close to retirement, I was told that I could get in some time in April.  You have got to be kidding me.  They told me I was welcome to go to their walk-in, but if you have ever been to the walk-in for the Westwood clinic, you'd know what an uncomfortable event that is.... you feel so dirty.

I decided to go to the walk-in by my house. Not the best case scenario, but it will do as I search for a new Dr.  I have been to this clinic a couple of times now and the wait is almost non-existant and the staff is friendly.

After a brief stint with Mick Wall and his biography of Zeppelin:  When Giants Walked the Earth  I was in and relaying my tale of woe to the Dr.  Funny enough after checking my chest, ear, nose and throat, he concluded that I have a chest infection and am suffering from exhaustion.  He actually said I looked bad.  No shit sherlock, I have been going at it for two weeks straight putting in 12 hour days without a break and not even so much as a "good job" from my boss and I have been up for the better part of two days trying to cough the alveolar cells out of my lungs.... It's a freakin' miracle that I have not burst a blood vessel in my eye as I run myself into the ground.

Sorry for the party party - all better.  I will move on to the drugs now.

Drugs..... He gave me some dugs and some codeine cough syrup and sent me on my way after telling my to take a few days off.  I said that I might need a note and he told me that would be $20, as I am not his patient.  WTF?  What a blatant cash grab.  I want a slice of that action.

So here is my daily regimen for the time being:

No run.  No bike.  No swim.  No work.  No fun..... just high on codeine and watching Netflix.  

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