Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Splash & Dash

What a nightmare of a day.....

It is swimming lesson registration day and the world was all a flutter.  You have to show up at 6:00 and get a number at 7:00 and then they start calling numbers at 9:00.  Tri-girl went so the kids and I could go to the pool.  The three of us did some serious swimming... I in the tank and the kids in the kiddie pool.... although they did watch me swim for a while and offer some encouragement.  Then it was all about tea... or that's at least what they told me.

Today's swim set:  Swim: 600m Freestyle (75m Swim, 25m Scull) Continuous.   Main Set 2x (4x100 Freestyle Pull. Long Smooth Stroke. Good Pull and Rotation. Rest is 20 seconds. Moderate effort. 4x50 Sprint. 4x50 Easy.  The 50m sprints is on a 1:45 pace time (tons of rest). the Easy efforts are on a  1:00 pace time, short, but easy swim. ). 200m Choice Warm Down.

Due to time constraints, I was able to do the 2x through the main set by only doing 2x everything instead of 4x.  I am not sure you care, but I am going to tell you anyway.

Then the run around and I headed out for the 2nd half of my day for a run.

The run set was:  Tempo Run: Warm up 10 mins. 4x1min Stride. 3x1mile Tempo with 2minutes recovery. 10 minute Warm down.

Again due to time constraints, I had to skip the stride set and cut the 3 miles down to 2. Oh... and to make matters worse, I forgot to wear my HR monitor.

Here's how it looked,

If you check the data you will see that I also managed to screw this up as I pushed stop on my watch instead of lap and figured it out about 1/2 a mile into my Tempo set..... sigh.

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