Monday, March 4, 2013

T squared

So today's data is brought to you by the letter - T - in fact  two T's.  Yep you guessed it - TT not titties as some of my less minded colleagues might infer , but T.T. or Time Trial.  With the pool nice an shallow and the bottom so close you always feel that you are going a lot faster than you really are, which is a good psychological boost.

The set looked like this - 4 X 150 (100 free and 50 choice), then 4X50 feeling tall and relaxed.  8X50 descend 1-4, 5-8.   2 minuted of gasping and then into  a 400m TT.  Total distance covered -  1600m.

I have not looked back at my old data yet, so I am not certain how this all looks, as you have to remember that the "y" is an 19 metre pool. so I swim 6 lengths for my 100 (114 m actual) and 3 for my 50 (57 actual).  So anyhoo... my  400 TT time was 7:10:69.

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