Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ring me out and hang me up to dry

Out last night with friends who really push the boundaries of what I can consume.  I love their food and beverages and simply cannot get enough of them or their consummate hospitality.  I just do not eat such rich food so late in the evening, let alone chips, anymore and that combined with my rattling chest, I was really drained this morning when I got up.

I knew that I had to get back on the horse and get something in on the bike.  This 1/2 iron in June is not going to ride itself, so my rationale was to go out and see what happened... what happened, you ask?  I sweated so hard that I may have been singly responsible for raising the humidity in the building by 10%.  I was drenched.... I mean I usually sweat, but this was ridiculous.

From the word go,, I could not get my cadence to sit and get going to an even 90.  I was working and it was all I could do to get it to 85.  Once it did settle down, I was into the Warm-up and my HR was doing exactly what I thought it would... I thought it would skyrocket, but it was doing the opposite... like all those days in front of the TV watching Top Gear had set it to a permanent 48 and there was nothing I could do to get it to move.  In the end I did get it to 151 just as the buzzer went, but then it sank to 101  in the 90 seconds - as per usual and I ended up with a 50 which is fairly close to normal.

Here's what it all looked like for you data crunchers out there.

We came off the bike and Tri-Girl and I did a bit of a run, but they closed the track at 11:00 for a meet and we were booted off after about 7:45 minutes.  A transition run at best.

I was cooked and the core workout was not going to happen... I was literally a dish rag.

Ring me out and hang me up to dry.

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