Sunday, March 17, 2013

For the luck of the Irish

Okay.... let's put this into perspective...

Environment Canada lists on their web site that the normal temperature for this day as 0˚C.  This is based on data that has been collected since 1938.

Now..... this time last year the temperature was + - yep that's PLUS 14.4˚C

So today....... I wake up and it is a balmy -32˚C with the wind.

I am done with WINTER!!!!!  Go away you....

Anyhoo... I got there and here is some advie for those of you who use Google Earth to map out a route.   My advice...... be very careful with the "path" tool.  My daughter and I planned out a 9 mile route and were very pleased.

Here's how that route turned out.

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