Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A beautiful evening

Time to get the legs going as this race in June..... let alone the 15k I am racing on Sunday.  We are staring out easy with a decent warm-up and 3X 1 mile efforts with a little 200 M build at the beginning and the end.

I was really nervous, as I wondered if the legs were going to be able to give me any decent speed.  Was the last run (two mondays ago) just a one off?  I am wondering if that would explain the wonky HR at the beginning.  I maxed out my Heart-rate in the first 1/4 mile.  Now isn't that something.

My legs and back felt good with the calf twins calling me to remind me of what used to be.  Every little twinge or flutter in my calf made me wonder about their stability and their commitment to my success.  Also, I made  rookie move and ate dinner with my tri-boy before the run and had a healthy bowl of chilli.... get that jumpin' around while you run and you can imagine how bloated and crampy I felt around mile three.   The thing is I was getting mad a myself, as I know better.  Wont make that mistake again.

All in all I am pleased with my efforts and happy with the run.  8:33 is respectable and anything under or around 9:00 on the course would make my day.  Last year in Oliver I ran a 1:58:15 1/2 Marathon which was the equivalent of 8:53 minute miles.  I was pleased.... although I do remember that hurting a bit more that I would have liked.

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