Friday, April 26, 2013

Busy Week

Well... it woudl seem like I have done nothing since tuesday.... that is simply no true, as I do not take days off.... well.... except Thursdays.

So Wednesday I was in the tank and doin' the ole back and forth... back and forth... sounds kinda porno.... no?

Anyway, I was in the pool doing...  4x150 (100 Free/50m Choice. 6x50m Pause Freestyle (Take 3 strokes then pause on your side for 10 kicks, continue). 10"rest. 2x300m Swim (:30), 2x200Swim/100kick (:30), 2x300 Pull (:30). 6x50m (25Sculling/25Choice).

This is a photo of the kid who passed me..... man she had game.

Now that was a swim.... seemed like it would never end.. the rest was long enough to check what was up for the next set.  That said.  I did it and only had to take out the pause freestyle.  When I swim on Mon/Wed/Fri I only get 60 minutes on the nose if they are on time... Wednesday not so much.  By never end, I mean it... I was going ad then had my 30sec rest and ... wham back in to it.

Today... HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!  +13˚C.  Holy shit.... I think the entire province of Manitoba was standing out side staring at this orange globe in the sky and wondering what it was.  I think ultimately we didn't care as long as it was bringing warmth to our green/white skin.

I was cautiously optimistic about the weather, so I changed out the trainer tires off of the bikes and cleaned the chains and lubed the joints in anticipation of the day.

Ducked home after my physio and hit the road Jack and went out to the road end in Headingley.

What fun was that.... I giggled the whole way and to be honest I am really looking forward to Pigeon lake tomorrow.

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