Wednesday, April 3, 2013


As I mentioned I have been taken by some mysterious bug/virus..... and no it is not Cholera.  I was shaken badly after the run on Sunday I have to be completely upfront here int eh blogosphere that I was  scared.  I have never hit the wall like that.  I mean I could not even for complete sentences or name the nouns that I was looking at.  We call it Bonking. I like this site's definition -  Every triathlete or serious endurance athlete has their "bonk" stories.

This though, I am not sure was that.  I had a fever, aches and chills.  Woke up in the middle on the night and was covered in sweat.  Had to get a towel for my pillow.

So Monday off and stay completely immobile.  Read - Eye of the Needle by Ken Follett.  (Good WWII story), whilst downing tylenol and advil.... seemed to work.

Tuesday.... I feel fine go into work and hit the pool after 1st class.  Basic set of 2400 m.  Swim: 600m Freestyle (100m Swim, 50m Back) Continuous.   Main Set 2x (4x100 Freestyle Pull. Long Smooth Stroke. Good Pull and Rotation. Rest is 20 seconds. Moderate effort. 4x50 Sprint. 4x50 Easy.  The 50m sprints is on a 1:45 pace time (tons of rest). the Easy efforts are on a  1:00 pace time, short, but easy swim. ). 200m Choice Warm Down.

Got back to work and I felt like a deflated balloon with no energy at all and no Tylenol... and being a boy.... did not ask for any.... no realizing  how fast I was fading.  Don't really remember the staff meeting at the end of the day although I was there.   Here is a picture that someone drew of me from across the room.

I was messed up when I got home..... so I tried some Tylenol again.... much better.  

So no Monday's for me... now I try Wednesdays..... I got a good sweat on and maybe got rid of some of the bread and stuff from the all inclusive.

It looked like this...

However... if you are still reading... I am all achy again and going to grab some tylenol and grapefruit and hit the hay.  Aches be gone!

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