Sunday, April 7, 2013

Should really pay more attention to Karma

Decided that I was tired of the out and back and it was time to boldly go where I have not gone before. With a quick phone call I was off to "sunny St. James."  or.... at least that's what it used to say over by Polo.

Headed out with Tri-girl for a bit and used it as a nice easy warm-up.  I should of; however, paid attention to the signs and when we both ended up running across some ice and it cracked and we both got a "booter,"  I should have packed it all in and gone home.  But in my stubbornness, we soldiered on.

Next omen was that I looked at my watch and saw it was on cycling mode.  Hence the first bit of data.

Then we hit the Harte Trail and it was super icy and within a few paces I had tweaked my left calf..... again, I just should have packed it in and gone home, but no.... on I went and worse and worse did it get.

I got off the trail as fast as I could and hoped that I could stretch it out as I ran.  No... not really.  In fact there were definite moments I wanted to stop it hurt so bad.  I would stretch it, but it would no do anything.  By now I was in the park and too far from home to walk, so I may as well keep going.

So there you have it.  Not the greatest run, but I did it and I was happy it was over.    Total distance of 8.6 miles or just shy of 14K.


As I type this, my calf has hardened like left over Kraft Dinner in the pot and I am hobbling around the house like a wind-up Robot.  Thank goodness my afternoon is going to be taken up with Tri-Boy and Lego Batman2 for the Wii.   The Flash, I ain't!


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