Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Over-trained... what the hell are you thinking?

So I went to the chiropractor today.  I am desperate and although I am receiving an hour long deep tissue massage once a week, my spidey senses are still telling me that something is up with my back.  A few years back I "tweaked" my back and was off work for three weeks.  I was at the point that I could not even walk and Lori had to help me into the clinic like a little old man.  In the end all my old Dr. wanted to do was to medicate me and it was chiropractic that literally got me back on my feet again.

So I hit the room and the Dr. takes a good look and tells me that I am showing all the classic signs of over-training.  HUH?  No freakin' way.  I have done regular HR testing once a week for the past 6 months and trust me I have the data to back up that I am in the pocket and doing fine.  I have a coach and a plan and it is all laid out for me to avoid that exact scenario.  You have got to be kidding me.

That said, when a professional tells you that, it does make you think.......

What do you think about, you ask?  Well you think about Zealotry.  There are many people out there that might add up the number of hours and the amount of time that I dedicate each week to triathlon and think..... he's nuts.  Whereas, I look at what I am doing and I think that there are so many people out there doing more than me.... maybe I should do more.   Then, inevitably, you end up asking yourself if you really are nuts.  I am almost certain that all of this pain would go away if I stopped pushing myself.

Well, either way you look at it I was back in the basement of the PAN-AM tonight givin' 'er all I had to get myself ready, and if that makes me nuts... well then nuts it is.


Boston Tri-guy is thinking of you.

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