Saturday, April 27, 2013


OMG!  The whole of the province of Manitoba is outside today.  When Environment Canada updated its forecast to +19˚C today... think there was a collective freak out from one corner to another.  I am imagining that all the roads to cottage country were packed today.... that probably also meant that the price of gas went up as well, as it seems to be tied to the weather at this time of year.

For me, today was all about patience.  I know that the Tribe were out at 9:00, but not this guy... I wanted the heat.  I knew that meant wind, but wind is good for you.  So, patiently I waited.... shovelled the snow in the front yard, replaced an old plug and mucked about in the yard.   All the while, it was cloudy and even a touch of rain at one point, but then something miraculous happened at about 1:00... the sun came out and the clouds disappeared and ladies and gentlemen of the blog-o-shpere, let me tell you..... I am pleased to announce that:

 SPRING arrived in Winnipeg at 1:00 p.m. C.S.T. on April 27.  


Well that was my cue... after-all, The Giant had been waiting for me outside in the rack all lubed up, bottles full and Garmin charged since 10:00.

Today was a brilliant day for Pigeon lake.  Nestled on hwy 26 out past the hoppin' metropolis of St. FX it was wicked.  The rocks had been swept and the pavement was dry. Wow.  And to boot, my old friend the southern cross-wind came out to greet me and remind me of my life on a slight angle.

Going out...  \\\\\\\\\\\\\  Coming home...  ///////////////

I was slightly over dressed with the mitt liners and the helmet liner, but I stopped at the start of the #1 by-pass to take them off an took these pics.

I am not what you would call a religious triathlete, but "God Bless the open road that brings me back to you!"

So on to Pigeon with a slight tail that, at times, would scoot me along at 37KMPH.

Some 27Kms later I was out in the middle of nowhere... AKA Pigeon Lake and I just stood there for a bit and took it all in... wow was it quiet.

Then back to the Peg.... and into the wind.

Just miles of nothing and I would not have it any other way.... you'd never guess that way off in the distance is a city of almost 1,000,000 people.  I kinda like that.

Here's how the Garmin saw it.   I was mighty pleased.

Then, as is customary in triathlon, we brick our bikes or practice heading out for the run.  I was whipped and I thought it was not going to happen.  That said, this 1/2 iron is not going to run its-self... no matter how rich you are you cannot hire some one to race for you.... it truly is you against... you.

I will be totally candid with you and say it hurt. In the first .5K  I litterally thought I was going to explode.  My HR went up to the highest I think it has ever been on a run  173 and I am pretty sure it was going to come right out of my chest.

This was going through my head as I hit Roblin Ave.

Any hooo..... I did it and not only did I do it, I did it in a very respectable time.....

AS I am certain you can imagine, I was done at then end of all this.... I gave today everything I had and I was spent when I came home.

Here I am on the front steps trying to get my heart to stay in my chest.

That's all for me....  I am going to ice my knees and get ready for the 15K Pure road race tomorrow morning.


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