Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gasping on the side of the pool

Managed to get into the pool this morning and I was really happy to have company for the first time in a long time.  Today, oh faithful readers, I swam with Penticton Tri-Mom.  Now, you have to know that she is an avid swimmer and truly enjoys the water.  Back home she has a regular date and also has a plan she follows in the pool and regularly does 26 laps or 650M.... no too shabby, if you ask me.

Me, we I was there for a different reason... to loose the use of  my arms.  I am not sure it worked, though, as I am now getting fitter by the day and my arms are listening to the Who.

My arms get on their knees and pray and I'm sure they won't be fooled again by these crazy long sets.

The Plan:  2x200 Free/100 Kick. 6x50m Decreasing Stroke Count (1:15 repeat). 2x: 500m Pull (1min), 5x100 (2' repeat). 6x50m (25Free/25Choice).

Doesn't look like much there... does it.... well.. it was.

The warm-up was decent and the decreasing stroke count definitely got my HR peaked. But it was the 2X 500m pull with 1 minute rest in between that will get you hoppin.  (9:01/ 8:53).  Then in to the 5x100m on 2:00.... well those were coming in around 1:37, so not much rest for Tri-guy.

All in all the set took about 1:20 and I was happy to be done..... lying gasping on the side of a pool.

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