Sunday, April 14, 2013


I don't get it.  I have take a few days off due to an injury in my calf last Sunday.  

I did massage on Monday and Massage on Friday and I watched all my Triathlon friends run the 5k Pure race series this morning.  Tri Girl looked fabulous ateh finish and VB was stellar.  Two solid efforts that anyone would be proud of.

So I get home and I am so scared to re-injure my calf that I have been nursing all week by wearing compression skins to work and icing it after everything.   I decide to just do 1 mile loops around my house so that if it even slightly twings, I am an easy walk from the house.  And what happens..... I post the best times I have all season.  

It was 
literally all a blur as I picked up speed.  Here's a picture of me that tri-boy took as I came by the house on mile 4.

In fact,  I had negative splits for almost every mile.  After mile 4 I stopped for a drink of Gatorade from the snow-bank in my front yard where it was stashed.  I am at a loss to explain it.  The coolest part was that my HR was not elevated or even close to stressed.  It was where it always is on a long run.  What I do know is that when I woke up this morning,  my back was killing me and after (and during) my calf felt great, but my right hip was aching.  I am old and I have resolved to see a chiropractor this week... something is not right.  

That said,  I will take the PR and be thankful that I may have a season after-all.

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