Saturday, May 11, 2013

Gone with the Wind

Today was supposed to be beautiful....  well better than it was.  Today was supposed to be a good effort with some builds.... no... not really.  I got up to Environment Canada saying a high.... a high... of 8˚C...... sigh.....   The actual temp when I hit the saddle was 1˚C.  What really did not translate was the wind and ultimately the windchill factor.  It said 40KMph gusting to 60KMph.

Well I guess it is all about direction, then, because it was damn cold.  I mean the wind was blowing right through me.  The dying Garmin only lasted 24 minutes in the cold.

I had on my wind-proof cycling jacket, wind-proof pants and neoprene Kayaking gloves plus Neoprene booties.  You'd think I'd be warm... nope and by 10:00 I was a hour in and defeated.  I had a ice cream headache.  My ears were even aching and that never happens.  Everything was done and after a particularly bad stretch before Pigeon Lake, I pulled the pin at the gravel at the end of the town proper.  This was not going to be an 80K day.

She was windy..... so o the return I see some of my beleaguered colleagues coming my way and turn to join them and we headed back to the turn at the end of pigeon lake.

On the way back we pushed hard to make the best of the tailwind, but they were a bit stronger than, I so I ended up at the back, but both Pat and Chris dropped back and helped out.  I think they were all tired , too.  We went our separate ways at the Shell station and I was home for a brick.

In the end my data was:  22.22K out in 1:11:53 = AVG speed of 22.72 KMph,  Back in 45:58 = AVG  speed of  35.53 KMph.  Add them together and divide by 2 and you get a daily average speed of 29.125 Kmph.

Keep that wind outta my face!

Then into the run...... still winds, just in the suburbs now so not as drastic.  I set out to keep an easy tempo effort as I was still reeling for my idiocy from Wednesday's run.  I did the 5K in 27.15 = 8:46 minute miles.... nothing to write Mom about, but I did it when all I wanted to do was wrap myself in blankies and get in the hot tub.

Stick a fork in me... I'm done - (well, until tomorrow when I have a 10 mile or so to run) - until then.

Keep on keepin' on!

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