Tuesday, May 28, 2013

One tired triathlete

Okay after the run last night I iced my legs and basically faded into a coma.  You's think that that would mean that I would be sound asleep until the morning.... nope.  I woke at 12:00 with some really sore legs and needed some water and an advil for the ache.

And it was that ache that I took with me right into the pool this morning.  Everything hurt... arms, shoulders, legs, neck... you name it... I was done.

That said, I did the warm-up and things settled down a bit; however, I was occasionally reminded of the places I have been in the last few days.  This was most prevalent in the 100's - 50 moderate then 50 hard... that last 25 was a doozy.  Then, there is that 20 seconds rest that seems to just evaporate.

I was pleased with my times.  Maybe it is just as simple as....

I cannot wait for the taper...... I hurt.

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